It’s the Offense, Stupid

A question if you please, “What is the force most likely to derail the Steelers‘ goal this season?”  The answer, of course, “It’s the offense, stupid. ”  Or, “It’s the stupid offense!”

And while I have your eye, “When will Bruce Arians’ reign of terror end?”  If you said, “It’ll be over when we awake,”  then congratulations!  (“Wake me when it’s over,” is also acceptable.)   Yes, we need only wake to be free of this terrible offensive nightmare.  We?  Hey Coach Tomlin, wake up!

Somebody needs the attitude to create an interlude in the funkitude.  Haha! Forget the X’s and O’s.  Hugs and kisses will get us nowhere.  It’s the NFL, stupid.  That’s right, forget the X’s and forgo the O’s.  Time to don the Big Boy pants and the Steelers-toed boots and shove a foot deep up the Ravens where the sun never shines.  Style points need not apply.  Right, Coach?

It’s identity building time.  Or is that character building time, stupid?  The defense has it.  They have an identity and they have identifiable characters.  They’re the black knights guarding the goal line, “None shall pass.”

What is the identity of the offense?  There’s no quit in them, so that’s good.  But when was the last time a team “no quit” its way to a championship?  “We won’t stop!” ain’t bad.  Better yet, “Stop us if you can!  We left our X’s and O’s at home.  Just gonna line up here and run you over.  You can’t stop it.  Better move.”  They aren’t there yet.

Sometimes you are what you is.  This is a defensive team with an offensive albatross around its neck.  Stupid.

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