Offense in a Groove

It’s official, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense is in a groove rut.  After taking a lead the boys on the offensive side of the ball got their shovels, started digging and didn’t stop.  At the end they were staring up from a 31-14 hole.

One hopes they find their way out before the next meaningful game, three weeks hence on Heinz Field.  The final against Cleveland means nothing, it’s like the final preseason game before the real ones start.

Somebody tell Bruce Arians that once in a hole, it’s time to put away the shovels – there’s no digging your way out!  And stop pounding those square pegs where they don’t belong, Brucey-boy.


Bruce and Ben, to minimize future gaffs, please utilize the following table. It can only help.

Square Peg Round Hole
Willie Parker Up the middle
Delayed draw In the playbook
Ball in Ben’s hand 3+ secs after snap

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