In the News, Friday the 13th

Victory Parade Banners Stolen

Eleven Superbowl banners were nicked. Had to be an inside job, right? Wait a few days and check EBay, it’s almost a certainty.

Double Superbowl Winner Andre Frazier Resigned

He was a UDFA signing in 2005 who managed to stick around. Kudos to Frazier, the Steelers need their role players.

Frazier sacks Gradkowski
Frazier sacks Gradkowski

James Harrison Will Seek Free Agency After ’09 Season

He will if he wants. You gonna change his mind? The pending contract extension for Mr. Harrison has generated nervous anticipation among the Steeler faithful. Will he resign? How much will he demand? Will the Steelers let him walk?

James Harrison wants you to shut up
James Harrison wants you to shut up

Three Fifths of Superbowl Winning Offensive Line Extended

Steeler Nation is overjoyed. Two contract extensions and one franchise tag later insure the same five men will return to stand next to each other again. How would you describe it? Oh, I have it … will return to break the sacks allowed record, but in a bad way.

Have a chuckle with Rotoworlds’ Offensive Line Ranking.

2006: 6
2007: 13
2008: 19

Pittsburgh's line gets somewhat unfairly criticized for yielding sacks because no QB hangs in the pocket (often with success) like Ben Roethlisberger. Rashard Mendenhall's addition should make the group look better because he'll likely be a better inside runner than Willie Parker and will pick up the blitz.

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