You Am Choose Watch NFL Draft

Greet. It is draftings for Player to the profession. Come end week we sit waiting, observe the player people is waiting picks.

And pick first are Lions and choosing is the Stafford, being QB. Much riches and succeed! Yes, many big succeed with enormous money!

Next is choosing to Rams, the Smith, being offensive. Large is much need for Rams and the pick is good.

Soon comes Chefs and picking Curry. Funny! Spicy! Pick!

And Sanchez QB chose the Seahawks in Seattle.

Browns having chose to Crabtree, tall and running with hands. He receiving and now losing many times.

The Bengals do not know offensive Monroe? Yet him they the picking. Monroe is friend, yes?

More offensive now is Smith and Raiders. Mummy is younger All Davis!

Jaguars did chose running and catching with speed and hands and feet one Maclin.

Packers now defensive and Raji. Big Raji.

Make happy Orakpo by choose 49ers. Defensive and offensive but chose defensive.

Thanks previous read upper 10 draft pickings! Soon many whores!

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