Harrison’s Contract, 3 Year Deal?

James Harrison’s new contract with the Steelers was announced as a six-year, $51.175 million deal. Now we get more details from James Walker’s AFC North Blog.

In the first three years Harrison will be compensated roughly $21.5M through the signing bonus, base salary and other bonuses/incentives. “In years four, five and six Harrison’s salary balloons to $5.315 million, $6.32 million and $7.325 million, respectively.”

Folks, that’s a three year deal if’n I’ve ever seen one! Truthfully, this contract is fair to both sides in that Harrison will average over $7M per season for the next three years. If he plays out the contract, he’ll get the full $51.175M value to which he agreed. And the Steelers will have the ability to cut Harrison after three seasons (when the contract becomes less cap-friendly) should his play no longer warrant the high salary, but they’ll also have the ability to negotiate a restructured contract to generate cap room if such is needed at the time.

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