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Big Ben is Back

Ben Roethlisberger returned to practice today after limping off the field Wednesday. Apparently the QB bumped knees with teammate “Fast” Willie Parker.

The Post Gazette
reports of Parker, “Actually, me and him bumped knees on a certain play, but he’s definitely all right and he’s a competitor. I guess he just likes a lot of attention sometimes and he likes being the little baby, but Ben is definitely a warrior.”

Sort of a backhanded comment, Willie. But it’s likely something many think but few say. What do I care, though? Far as I’m concerned, Big Ben walks on water and wins Super Bowls. Keep ‘em coming, ya big baby.

And now to the Golf section …

Big Ben hopes to break 100 at Bethpage Black, site of the 2009 US Open. “Tiger tells me I can shoot 87.” Have fun, Ben, then get back to work. Repeats don’t happen by themselves and there’s a “Team of the Decade” issue to settle.

Ben watches his drive

Ben watches his drive

Training Camp is around the corner.

The Steelers head to training camp which begins on July 31 at Saint Vincent College. According to the Tribune Review, The Steelers will break camp before the second of their four exhibition games, shifting practice to their Pittsburgh training complex following their Aug. 22 game at Washington.

Training camp warm up

Training camp warm up

Make a wish …

Casey “Big Snack” Hampton makes a wish come true. It seems the big fellow has time for his fans, especially those in need. The Tribune Review states that An excited Heather Miller of Bedford got a chance Wednesday to meet her favorite football player, Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton, as part of her Make-a-Wish Foundation request.

That’s all for now, folks, check back soon.

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