Favre to Remain Retired? HA!

Reports from all the usual sources confirm that Brett Favre will indeed remain retired this season.

I’m calling bullsh*t on that. Does anyone really know? Of course not, particularly The Fav-ruh.  He may have indeed claimed that his career is now complete, that the five year wait for his induction into the Hall of Fame can begin, but I’m not buying it.

Don't buy it until the season is over.

Don't buy it until the season is over.

Not until the season is over, at any rate.

Mr. Wake said it best on the MGS Forums:

My first thought was, if Farverer wore down over a full season last year as a Jest, what do you think will happen with him turning 40 this season, recovering from the biceps tendon surgery?

He doesn’t want to go to camp.

He doesn’t want to play the first 4-6 games, which no one much gives a fuck about.

He wants to come in when Kordell and Maddox — err, sorry, Tarvaris and Rosendipsh*t both shit the bed and the Vikes need a savior.  Fresh-armed yet hoary, the wily vet comes in and takes the Viqueens to glory.

Consider, GB will struggle with their new 3-4 defense but should be better on offense; Cutler changes the equation of Chicago, who now would seem to be the division faves; the Vikes may lose the Williams sisters and struggle on D, to say nothing of the QB issue.  Weeks 4-8, they get the Packers twice, the Ravens, and the Steelers.  They could start the season 3-0 and wind up 4-4 at the bye…

…which smells an awful lot like Farverer getting the call around week 7 pending a “mysterious” injury or rash of injuries to the starter and backup.  I’ll bet $37 that if the Vikes are no better than 0.500 by the bye, there will be injuries.  It’ll be the Childress Desperation Option.

So there you have it, an entirely plausible scenario in which The Mighty Fav-ruh unretires to become a marauding Viking savior.

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