New Kids on the Block

Training camp is getting closer; can you feel it?  And it won’t be long thereafter that we’ll see some preseason games.  Soon we’ll see how the Steelers fared on draft day.  Of course, the full result won’t be known for a few years, but an idea about potential can begin to form.

I want to see how (DL) Ziggy Hood does with pads on.  Stick him in there on 3-man and 4-man fronts.  Inside, outside, can he stand up to an NFL offensive line?

And that begs the question, “Will the Steelers field an NFL offensive line?”  Ha ha. You’re right, that’s actually not funny.

Maybe draftee (OL) Kraig Urbik will have something to say about that.  We’ll find out in camp.

I want to see (WR) Mike Wallace return some kicks.  And as a wide out can he get open down field against his old friend, (CB) Keenan Lewis?

Perhaps (CB) Joe Burnett will make a statement on punt returns and kick returns.  Does he want the job more than Wallace? We’ll find out in camp.

And I’m dying to see (RB/FB) Frank Summers during the goal line drills.  Oh man, somebody could get hurt!

Does anyone think (DL) Ra’Shon Harris might be looking at Ziggy Hood and wondering, “What’s he have that I don’t?  Eff the practice squad, I wanna dress on Sundays!” Go ahead, Ra’Shon, make it hard on the coaches, they love having problems like that.

Is (TE) David Johnson the next late rounder fated for the scrap heap?  Does he have a chance at the practice squad or even better? Perhaps he wants Heath Miller’s job! Better show us something in camp, David.

And, finally, there’s PSU (C) A.Q. Shipley.  I’m rooting for this guy, the underdog, the undersized 7th rounder who’s arms are too short for the NFL.  Oh, you know he’s just dying to prove somebody wrong.  Watch out defenders, I’m guessing this guy may play a little after the whistle.  Yeah, baby!

I don’t want to wish my life away, but camp cannot get here soon enough.  Gotta see what those new kids on the block can do for our Steelers.

2 comments for “New Kids on the Block

  1. Bigmaq
    July 9, 2009 at 10:08 am

    Another uninformed (except for a big dose of media induced Kool-Aid) “fan” opining about the poor OL. In order to correct this omission, here’s a few facts to ponder. Scientific Football tracked the success rates of each of the O Linemen from the AFC East and North and the NFC East and West in run blocking. After tallying the total for each team and computing a success rate for each team, the Steelers ranked 3rd out of 16, only to be topped by New England at number one (probably the prime reason for Cassel’s success) and the Jets at Number two (seems they got their money’s worth from Faneca). Meanwhile the O Line you so vehemently malign topped the likes of the Giants, Redskins, Eagles, Ravens, Seahawks, and Cleveland all with supposedly better lines. Let’s not forget that the Steelers did it primarily blocking for Mewelde and an injured Parker.

    Sorry, you will now have to “cut and paste” some other slop coming over the public transom.

  2. July 9, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    So, you never actually watched a game last season. Right?

    “Scientific Football” tracked success rates of four of the eight divisions – why those particular ones? Are you kidding me? Those stats are meaningless.

    Then you’re gonna complain about “cut-n-paste” in a blog post of original content while quoting stats from some backwater, presumably dot com, rag and their fabricated and meaningless stats?

    Really? Thanks for reading though!

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