Backups Make Their Statements

Does anyone doubt that Isaac Redman made Coach Tomlin’s version of The News today? You punch it in twice from on the goal line in as many tries and people take notice. I sure did. The UDFA from Bowie State certainly gave us fans something to think about until the next game.

Pound the rock!

Pound the rock!

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So far the worse thing anyone can say about him is, “All he does is score touchdowns.”

Veteran wide receiver Shaun McDonald did his best Wes Welker impersonation. The diminutive receiver caught balls all over the field and, if there was any doubt, secured a roster spot. The question remains, will it be the #3 spot?

Not if Limas Sweed has anything to say about it. While Sweed did drop a 3rd down pass which would have yielded a first, he made two other impressive catches, one for 45 yards. The competition should be fierce as the Steelers appear to have assembled a fine WR corps.

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I caught it! I caught it!

And what a difference a punter makes. Daniel Sepulveda made his triumphant return and boomed a half dozen balls for a 49.5 yard average with two landing inside the twenty. He was sorely missed last season. Just consider how much better the defense will look when offenses have to travel the length of the field to score!

Dennis Dixon proved effective in the second half. He finished 10/19 for 112 yards and lead one 80 yard TD drive in the 4th quarter. His favorite target was McDonald but he also hooked up with rookie Mike Wallace on two occasions, including a 22 yard play down the middle of the field.

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Dixon surveys the field.

The defense picked up where they left off, nabbing a couple of picks and sacking the QB four times. While they gave up a few yards, they managed to keep the points to a minimum. Rookie Ziggy Hood logged a sack and showcased what the Steelers saw when they made him their #1 pick last April.

Of course, it was the preseason, but would you rather your team win or lose? We won’t really know what this year’s version brings to the table until the Steelers host the Titans next month.

It was enjoyable to see the draft picks and new players suit up and show their stuff last night and it will be fun to learn more about these prospects as the preseason continues.

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