Let the (Pre) Season Begin!

It’s finally here, the first preseason game of the year. Those Red Birds from Arizona travel to Pittsburgh for a little backups-and-practice-fodder on backups-and-practice-fodder action. No holds barred and no camp body spared.

We should get a look at Dennis Dixon tonight. There’s been much said regarding his progression since last season and he may have a shot to supplant Charlie Batch as the backup.

And it will be fun to see if Rashard Mendenhall looks as good coming back from injury as reports from camp claim.

Given recent reports of nicks and scrapes, there may be a few starters who never see action, and that’s fine by me. Let’s see what those bottom-of-the-roster guys have to offer. That’s really what the preseason is about anyhow.

Ask yourself, “What is there to improve on a Super Bowl champion?” Basically, the bottom of the roster and depth. The starters should be squared away and looking to a strong start in game one versus the Titans.

Enjoy the game my fellow Steelers fanatics.

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