The Last Few Roster Spots

After watching the Buffalo game replay on the NFL Network I’m convinced that training camp served it’s purpose and there’s nothing more to learn from the final preseason game than who gets the last few roster spots.

Big Ben seemed in mid-season form as he completed over 75% of his attempts in a very Roethlisberger-like performance. It’s what we Steelers fans have come to expect and generally what is delivered.

I’m ready to declare that one Limas Sweed is, indeed, getting it. He is ready to replace Nate Washington without the Steelers missing a beat. Plus, Sweed has an upside that was missing from Washington’s game; he’s more than a run-down-the-sideline-3rd-option. What role he’ll eventually grow into remains to be seen. For now he waits behind the veteran Ward and superstar Holmes, but when it’s his time smart money says he’ll be ready.

A bright spot in the running game, Isaac Redman again lobbied hard for a spot. He’s doing it all: short yardage back, outlet receiver and every-down player. I don’t know who gets booted to make room, but it’s clear that Redman has to make the squad.

We can also put to rest any competition for the punt return slot. Stephan Logan has it wrapped up tight. Steelers fans won’t be asking if he can return one to the house, they’ll be asking “When and how many?”

On the other side of the ball the aged (in NFL years) among the front seven proved there’s no need to rush the young guys into the lineup just yet. The 3-man line still gets a push and eats up blocks and James Farrior still knows what to do in the middle. Farrior dropped back in coverage, stepped in front of a Troy Edwards throw and took that sucker to the house. Look for the Steeler defense to contribute on the scoreboard again this season – not only putting up zero’s for the opponent but 7’s on the Steelers’ side of the slate.

Can September 10th get here soon enough? No, it really can’t. Bring on the Titans and let’s see if they feel like stomping towels.

By then we’ll know the last cuts, who made the practice squad and who nabbed those last few slots.

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