Bright Spots from the Chicago Game

Perhaps I should get back to you on that.

Really though, let’s see, bright spots – think now, think.  Got it!

There were no new injuries.

It was a non-division, non-conference loss.

The running game showed signs of life.  I saw a few sparks before Bruce Arians stomped out the embers.

The Steelers had to have their kicker uncharacteristically miss two field goals, have Big Ben toss a horrific interception and give up two late scoring drives to lose that game.  Any two of those would be unusual enough but to have all three coincide on the road against a solid football team is rare.

What did we learn?

Troy Polamalu was missed, but his absence was not the reason for the loss.  They didn’t, but they can overcome.

It is still impossible for a left tackle to hold James Harrison.  Apparently, there’s a New Rule.

Big Ben is a big John Elway fan.  Nah, we already knew that.

Bruce Arians’ play calling can bring the offense to a screeching halt.  Nah, we already knew that as well.

There’s always next week!  Watch out Bungals, trouble is coming to town.

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