You’re Kidding, Right?

Former journeyman player and right-place-right-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Trent Dilfer recently ranked the NFL QBs. While shocking, the results were not unexpected.

Peyton Manning and Tom Beardy are in a category of their own?  Fine.  They have stats galore and rings.  Never mind that Ben Roethlisberger earned two rings in less time than it took Manning to win a playoff game.  No, forget that.  And totally neglect to point out that in practically every category of QB measure, Ben is around top 5 all time, nah, that’s not important. Only Peyton and Beardy are Elite.  What’s funny about that is Dilfer mentions how those evil “fantasy football” numbers have skewed how we value QBs, then in the same fucking article ranks those QBs with the highest FF #’s at the top!  WTFF!?

But how can he put Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees ahead of Roethlisberger?  They’re the only two Superstars!?

    There’s no game plan these guys can’t beat.

Really!?  Guess it was the Chargers who swept the Steelers last season then and not the other way around.  Damn, my memory must be faulty.  I wonder how Silverback remembers those SD games?

    They are a championship ring away from joining Manning and Brady among the elite.

JHC.  So, a ring would make Brees and Rivers elite huh?  But Ben’s TWO rings don’t get him into their group?  WTF is Dilfer talking about?  (And as an aside, where would he rank himself?)

Star QBs

    … have overcome small holes in their games to produce in a big way and enjoy big-game success. These are consistent prime-time performers, with very little separating them from Superstar status.

No, Ben and his two rings will have to be happy languishing as a mere star with the likes of Dumbface and Matt fucking Hasselbeck.

I like the 4th category, Knocking at the Door:

    Quarterbacks with immense talent and potential who haven’t won anything of significance yet. Playoff success will launch them into a higher category.

That sounds more like a fit for Rivers and Brees.  You know, as players who haven’t won anything of significance yet.

What an idiotic article.  Can’t say I’ve come to expect any better than that from the world wide purveyor of suck and their professional “analysts.”

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