The Horror at Arrowhead

Sing to the tune of The Candyman, Willy Wonka style:

Who can take a winner?
And run them in the ground.
Who can break a running game that was newly found?
Bruce Arians
Bruce Arians can
Bruce Arians can ’cause he calls a stupid game and makes the offense go away.

That’s right people, Bruce Arians can turn a 17-7 halftime lead into sure defeat. It requires a special kind of talent to blow a game like that. It’s a rare coach who can call 26 passing plays to 10 running plays with a 10 point lead.

I suppose Arians is an easy target.  He didn’t ask to start in a 7 point hole.  Thank you, special teams!

And he didn’t give up a late 91 yard TD drive.  Thank you, defense!

And I suppose he didn’t tell Big Ben to toss those two interceptions.  Thank you, Ben!

But he did call the offense and design the offensive game plan.  Is the goal to get Ben over 300 yards or to win football games?

Maybe this team isn’t who we thought they were.

Maybe we’ll find out who they are next Sunday night in Baltimore.  I’m curious about how many points the Steelers will get on the betting line because there’s no way Vegas considers this team a favorite.

Prove them wrong, Steelers.

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