One More Shot for The Fav-ruh?

It turned out that Brett Favre had one heck of a  season for the Vikings.  I was skeptical of his remaining talent after the sorry end to his season with the Jets, but he proved all doubters wrong.

What a season.

What a playoffs.

What a game, the NFC Championship.

And what an off season!  Almost no talk at all of the The Fav-ruh. Scarcely a “Will he?” or “Won’t he?” be back with the Vikings.  It’s been a blessing.  But now training camp nears and that means a decision will arrive in about a month, somewhere towards the end of camp and the beginning of the preseason schedule.

My prediction?  The Fav-ruh will return, but I will once again be skeptical.  While 2009 was the best statistical season of his career (it wasn’t even close) his age remains the primary concern.  When the end nears, an NFL player’s performance tends to drop dramatically.  Think of an anvil and a cliff.

08/03/2010 Update

The Fav-ruh has announced his intention to remain retired, it seems that sore ankle just won’t heal correctly.

Yeah, right. Can you say “Mo money?” Brett Favre can.

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