Training Camp Starts on July 30th

With training camp 2010 less than two weeks away, bloggers everywhere have dusted off their keyboards in preparation for a season of ill-conceived, homer opinions.

I’m looking forward to this season. NFL pundits of all stripes are writing off the Steelers. Guess what, that’s how the boys in black and gold like it. And it’s how I like it! It gives me extra ammunition for a full season of blogging activities, that extra bit of self-righteous indignation, basically, a little extra inspiration.  (“And you fools actually thought the Steelers couldn’t win with Leftwich?  Ha!”)

When camp gets rolling we’ll begin to see the bigger picture. Will the Steelers implement more of a running based offense? Did Tomlin do the right thing in retaining Bruce Arians (NO!)? Will the offensive line get it together despite the injuries? What can we expect from the secondary this season? How is Aaron Smith feeling? Will Polamalu be healthy this year? Will Mendenhall continue to improve?  Will Isaac Redman make the roster this time around? Is Mike Wallace up to the challenge?

Yes people, these questions and more will be answered over the next month as camp comes and goes and the preseason games begin. And after the regular season is a quarter done, the biggest question for most people will be answered.  What of Ben Roethlisberger?

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