Steelers vs Buccaneers Prediction

Bucs coach Raheem Morris is paranoid.  He thinks Byron Leftwich knows enough from his season in hell Tampa to help the Steelers.  He said, “Byron knows us well. Byron may have a couple things up his sleeve that he knows that he can use to hurt me.”  Sounds personal.

Coach, you should be worried about  the Black-n-Gold defense doing permanent damage to your quarterback’s psyche.

I’m not expecting much scoring in this game.  First, it’s unlikely that Arians will open up the offense even with a week to work with starter-of-the-moment Charlie Batch.  Expect much 3 yards and a cloud of dust offense from the Steelers.  Maybe the defense and special teams will score a few TDs and make it a blowout.  The Bucs mustered 14 and 20 against the likes of Cleveland and Carolina.  I’d be surprised if they break 10 this week. Therefore, I prognosticate

Steelers 20 Buccaneers 10

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