Steelers vs Ravens Prediction

Boy, did I ever get it wrong last week.  Picked the game right, sure.  But I did not give Arians or Charlie Batch the credit they deserved.  Well done, gentlemen!

And now to the Ravens.  We all know how this game will be.  Sometimes past performance is a good indicator and the Steelers/Ravens matchups generally prove it.  Is there any reason to expect a margin greater than three either way? Not so much. From Cowher to Tomlin, from whoever was before Billick to Harbaugh, Kordell to Roethlisberger, vast array of spares to Flacco, these teams hammer at each other.  They knock slobber.  Heck, ask the players.  Terrell Suggs knows it, “I’d be lying if I told you it was just another game.  It’s a little bit more than that.  This is the game on the schedule that we circle and we definitely look forward to.  Maybe because we don’t like these guys. We respect them, but we don’t like them.”   Ray Lewis knows it.  Hines Ward knows it.  You think Rashard Mendenhall didn’t figure it out pretty damn fast? Suffice it to say, everyone knows it. It will be a slug fest and the margin will be three points or less.

Steelers 17 Ravens 16

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