Patriots: Addition by Subtraction

Randy Moss, Uber Loser

Did the Patriots’ offense get better when they traded Randy Moss?  You bet it did.  It was never more evident than in their game Sunday against their trade partner, the Minnesota Vikings.  On a typical passing play, Moss went deep, angling to the left side of the field towards the end zone.  A Patriots DB clearly interfered with Moss who, rather than play through the grab, immediately quit on the play, turned to the ref and made the “throw a flag” motion after putting his hands up as if to say, “WTF, didn’t you see that?”

As expected, the ref tossed a flag which hit the ground about the same time as the pass from Brett Favre.  But guess what?  All Moss had to do was turn around and hold his arms out to catch the ball.  He practically tripped over it as it bounced at his feet near the goal line.  It was a sure TD reception had Moss bothered to look for the ball.  But no, he had to whine and call for a flag as if THAT was his primary responsibility, to run down field and draw flags.

As it turns out, the Vikings got their first-and-goal and eventually scored a touchdown.  But Favre took a vicious helmet shot to the chin and left the game to Tarvaris Jackson.

Nice job Randy.  Your whining in New England got you traded to a loser.  Meanwhile, your old team is taking off with an extra 2011 third round pick in their back pocket.  I don’t think they miss you.

Update Nov 2, 2010

The Minnesota Vikings announced that Randy Moss will be released.

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