Divisional Round feat. Steelers Versus ?

As much as the rest of the NFL may want to see yet another Steelers vs Ravens blood orgy, I’ve had enough for this season. Let the two hardest-hitting teams in the NFL take out their wrath on others. I’ll take the Ravens over KC and Indy over NY. That will send the Colts to Pittsburgh and the Ravens to Foxborough where they can dutifully soften up the Patriots.

I like the Steelers chances against a very beatable Colts team. And their chances only improve the following week against a Raven-battered Patriots roster.

Against the Colts the Steelers should be able to impose their will on both sides of the ball without revealing too much to the Patriots brain trust. Pass enough to keep that eighth man out of the box and run it down their undersized defense’s collective throats.

This is much more desirable than another brass-knuckle, lead-pipe Ravens affair.

So yeah. Give the Steelers the Colts, the Patriots the Ravens and let’s see what happens in the AFCC.


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