Mavericks Storm Back, Take Game 3 in WCF

The Dallas Mavericks wasted no time in regaining the home court advantage. They increased their 15 point first quarter lead with an 8 point run to start the second. From their they hung on to the end. OKC cut into the lead, drawing to within 16 by halftime, 12 points by the end of the third and down to 5 at points late in the fourth.

The comeback was aided by enormous disparity in free throws. The Thunder attempted twice as many as the Mavericks, going 32-36. And it helped that the Mavericks all star forward had a very un-Dirk-like night has he went 7-21 from the field including 1-6 from the 3-point line and only 3 free throws. Contrast this to game 1 where he was 12-15 from the field, no 3-point attempts while sinking 24 straight from the stripe.

Fortunately for the Mavericks, Shaun Marion stepped up with 18 points to match Dirk Nowitzki and the team defense stepped it up to their previous playoff levels. They held the Thunder to 12 and 20 points in the first and third periods.

Next game is Monday at 8:00 pm CDT on ESPN.

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