Plaxico Burress a Steeler?

Not a chance. Sure, the speculation is out there, but that’s all it is. Remember, the Steelers chose the less-flashy and not-so-tall Hines Ward over Plaxico Burress six years ago. While Ward’s career is certainly winding down, why would the Steelers now decide that Burress, after serving a stint in prison, is a free agent they’d like to pursue?

Simple: they won’t. Burress will get looks by the usual suspects like the reform-minded Philadelphia Eagles, the mind-boggling Cincinnati Bengals or ever-receiver-hungry Baltimore Ravens. Some have even mentioned the San Diego Chargers – let’s hope not for Burress’ sake – that’s a long way from some fresh key-lime pie!

Don’t worry Steelers fans, there will be no Burress in Pittsburgh in the case that there is actually a 2011 season.

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