Why The Steelers Will Not Be On HBO’s Hard Knocks

There are two reasons the Steelers won’t be on Hard Knocks and probably never will. Primarily, it’s not the Steelers way, at least not the way of the modern-NFL-era Steelers. It doesn’t fit well with the tradition and old-school values the team seeks to embody. This is a team that built a new stadium in the north and left off the top – guaranteeing that they’d never host a Super Bowl. A team that continues to hold their training camp at Saint Vincent College in the small town of Latrobe and that shares their practice facilities and stadium with the local college team.

Get it? This is not a flashy look-at-me organization.

But no less a factor is the coach.  It’s not the Mike Tomlin way. While Coach Tomlin seems  an amiable fellow, the shenanigans and distractions associated with an appearance on Hard Knocks would not be tolerated.   Can you imagine the distractions with a  camera around every corner? Hines Ward’s recent win on Dancing With The Stars would be a hot topic.  What about the new “Steelers Rule” changes by the NFL? Heck, avoiding massive fines is a great reason to not have those cameras around.  And while Tomlin may not have the final say in such a decision, the organization has generally granted a great deal of power to their coach and would likely respect his decision in such a matter. Coach Tomlin has earned that respect and that decision.

If there’s an NFL season this year, and thus, a training camp,  we can rest assured that there will be no Hard Knocks in the Steelers’ future.  But you know what?  I’d rather like to see it!

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