Monthly Archives: July 2011

You Get The Team You Deserve

At least I hope you do, New England Patriots.

I understood when the Patriots gave Oakland a late round pick for Randy Moss a few years ago. It made perfect sense, he was all the team was really missing at that point. They had possession, short route receivers and 57 varieties of tight ends. Yet they lacked that dominant down field threat to strike fear into opposing secondaries. Moss gave them that. It was a no-risk proposition and it mostly worked. 19-0 18-1 anyone?

World to Brett Favre: Please Stay Retired

And while Michael Vick should certainly be considered as part of the world, he bears singling out. You know the rumors of Brett Favre “not saying anything” about going to Philadelphia as a backup have to be at least irksome and at most downright disturbing.

NFL Lockout Winding Down

Negotiations continue and the end is near. If you believe the NFL the only sticking point is the rookie salary structure. CBS Sportsline says the same thing but one figures their information also flows down from the league office.