NFL Lockout Winding Down

Negotiations continue and the end is near.  If you believe the NFL, the only sticking point is the rookie salary structure.  CBS Sportsline says the same thing but one figures their information also flows down from the league office.

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This all sounds about right, I mean, something had to be the final sticking point.  But don’t be fooled by the timing – we should have seen this coming all along.  It’s no coincidence that negotiations are wrapping up just in time to ensure that no preseason games are missed.  That reads as, before any real money is lost.  Right?  Yeah.

Assuming things wrap up within the next couple of weeks I’m forced to admit that the NFL Lockout has been a big, fat non-issue.  It affected my life not at all save for the time wasted on a few blog entries.  Sigh.  One nice side-effect though:  a welcome break from constant NFL coverage.  It has been so enjoyably quiet that I vow a football blackout following future NFL seasons – with the exception of draft week.  That’s right, I’ll waste no time obsessively following off-season NFL news.  Eh, it’s more of a promise to myself.

So get ready folks, they’re about to blow the dam.


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