The Steelers Are A Mediocre Team

It was easy enough to write off the opening week loss to the Ravens as an anomaly.

“It was their Super Bowl.”

“They’ve been pumped for that since the schedule came out.”

“It’s only one game, just wait till next week!”

Right.  The week two victory over the Seahawks  was to be expected.  Seattle is a dismal team with a substandard quarterback and no running game.  They are coached by a male cheer leader.  The home opener told us only that they can defeat a vastly inferior team at Heinz Field.

But what if they travel to face a vastly inferior team?  They need to get lucky.

It took almost three games before the Steelers’ defense generated a turnover.  And who coughed up the ball?  Curtis Painter.  Who?  Curtis Fucking Painter, the guy who has a career QB rating of six.  A guy who maybe threw 10 passes in the NFL.  A guy who was held in such low regard by his own team that he was replaced by the retired Kerry but-I’ve-been-slamming-vodkas-all-summer Collins.

The front three aren’t getting a push, there’s no gap for the middle linebackers and the outside backers can’t get off their blocks in time.  When they do, the ball is gone.  When  they don’t, the QB has time to eat a sandwich and take his pick of the tight end, open 20 yards down the middle, or any of the wide receivers running free deep in the secondary.

Why are all these people open?  Because one of the corners fell down and the all-world safety is 4 yards deep in the backfield having bit on another run fake on 3rd and 23.

Things are worse on offense.  The line looks like a bunch of keystone cops, they’re getting pushed into their own quarterback.  They’re falling on him, they’re turning around and whiffing as guys sprint past.  They’re clogging up running lanes and rolling up on their follow lineman’s ankles.  It’s a fucking joke.

My, what a mess.   The Steelers are seriously looking like a last place AFCN team.  Looking up at the Browns and the Bengals?  Don’t bet against it.  The Steelers are a mediocre team?  I wish.

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