Three Reasons the Steelers Will Defeat the Colts

The Steelers got back on track in their home opener, blanking the disastrous Seahawks.  Meanwhile, the AFC North featured the league’s desired parity when everyone finsished 1-1.  Yes, that means the mighty Ravens were defeated by the Titans.  Perhaps those dirty birds flew a little too high after their week 1 victory?  Maybe they can’t get it up for any team not wearing the black and gold.

This week the Steelers head to Indianapolis to face the winless Colts.  I can think of 3 good reasons they’ll return to Pittsburgh on a win streak.

Peyton Manning is not playing for the Colts.

While Manning’s replacement at quarterback, Kerry Collins, is a veteran at the position, he’s also a journeyman who the Colts convinced to return from retirement.  But this is no Kenny Stabler dusting off the pads to play for the Oilers.  Through two games Collins has thrown one interception and lost three fumbles while completing just over 50% of his attempts.

The Colts’ defense allowed 61 points in two games.

Look for that trend to continue.  The Steelers offense hasn’t been a juggernaut so far but their ground game should make things easier for the passing game.  Look for things to snowball early if the OL gets a push and the backs get it going down hill.

The Steelers’ defense feasts on weak offenses.

Against a perenially dismal Houston defense the Colts managed only 7 points.  Against a Browns team that fumbled four times they managed 19, the last TD coming in garbage time with 00:24 on the clock.  Look for Silverback and Woodley to start padding their sack statistics.  One hopes there will be no fines handed down by Douchell.


Steelers 31 Colts 6


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