Overreact Much, Mr. Fan?

Yes. Yes I do. But not this week. The Steelers put a thumping on Tennessee, they of the Titanic whipping of the Ravens a mere three weeks ago. Those same Ravens who kicked the Steelers down the field, dragged them back up it and kicked them down it again, for 60 straight minutes on opening day.

It’s been a season like that so far and the Steelers have gone from bad to not-so-bad to great to suck and now to mediocre-at-best-until-they-prove-otherwise-by-beating-the-Patriots.

Yes, that’s where the Pittsburgh Steelers are right now.

Granted, the re installment of Max Starks on Big Ben’s blind side along with a quick-release passing attack (whether by Arians’ design or Roethlisberger’s sense of self preservation) seems to have fixed the offense. Add Redman’s no-nonsense running style along with Ben’s willingness to check down to said back and one senses an emergence. But the Titan’s defense is not the Ravens’ defense.

This week the Pittsburgh defense seemed to awaken from a season-long coma. They stuffed the run, keeping Chris Johnson dormant for another week, and covered receivers well enough. Most importantly, they pressured the quarterback. It’s something to build on in the coming weeks.

If a season is about peaking at the right time, the Steelers are in no danger of peaking too soon, they’re the football version of whiskey dick. Perhaps they’ll continue to slowly build through the end of the year, improving week by week until it’s time to explode into the playoffs for another title run.

I bet that’s the plan anyways. So, the Pittsburgh Steelers are a middling team and that’s just fine for now.

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