They Are What We Feared They Were

They are a bad football team.  Don’t try to sugar coat  it.  There is no hiding from it and no amount of reasoning will change it.  This.  Team.  Sucks.

Sadly, Warren Sapp was correct, the defense is old.  Casey Hampton is finished.  Aaron Smith doesn’t have it.  The secondary is a shambles:  Troy Polamalu, while solid, is not an impact player, Ike Taylor is not a shut-down corner and the rest don’t bear mentioning.  Opposing quarterbacks no longer fear Harrison and Woodley.

Against the Texans they yielded a shameful 5.4 yards per carry.  Matt Shaub had a pleasant afternoon of pitch and catch with friends on his way to a 100.9 rating.  He hit the lockers with a clean jersey and may decide  to use the treadmill before showering.

And while the Steelers seem to be stocked at the offensive skill positions, Bruce Arians’ woeful designs preclude judgement.  Is it the offensive line?  Is it the entire scheme?  Is it the design of the plays?  Their execution?  Who knows?

I will be utterly stunned if this team wins again this season.

I hope Kevin Colbert is planning the next draft because the Steelers need a talent infusion.

As for this season?  Got a fork?


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