Down and Out in Denver

Tebow'd (from

Tebow'd (from

The Steelers got Tebow’d. Sadly, I have little more than that.

How about some thoughts now that the off season has begun?

First, Mike Tomlin needs to make some changes.  Learn more about situational coaching.  I’m not saying he should be strictly reactionary but some display of cognizance of the game at hand would be welcome.

And he should fire Bruce Arians immediately.

Reign in Ben Roethlisberger.  There has to be a happy medium between whipped and gunslinger.

Prepare the team for their opponent.  Continue adjusting (see first point above).

Enough with the platitudes.

This was the worse Steelers defense of the last decade.

Isaac Redman is a keeper.  So is Rashard Mendenhall if the price is right.

Get a new offensive coordinator.

The offensive line needs work.  Kemo has no future on the Steelers line.

Pouncey was a great pick as evidenced by his absense.  Here’s to hoping he can stay healthy.

The future of the defensive line looks bright, but the nose tackle position needs to be addressed asap.

The secondary is still a shambles.

Ike Taylor may play hard but he’s over-rated.

Ben is darn near useless if he can’t move but refuses to throw away the ball.

Bruce Arians must go.

The season was a disappointment.

And while it may often be true that you are what your record says you are, the Steelers were no 12-4 team by any measure other than their record.

And sometimes statistics don’t tell the whole story.  Their #1 Defense was not the best in the NFL.

It can’t be said often enough, fire the guy calling the offensive plays.

It’s four long months until the draft.

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