Awful Football Team is Awful

The offense is bad. The defense is worse. Special teams are anything but special. Perhaps they are “special”. The 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers are an awful football team.

Anyone holding out for a run to .500 can put those dreams to rest. Hopes that the collapse of 2012 wasn’t indicative of things to come have been thoroughly dashed. This team is bad.

Is it due to a serious of poor drafts, one right after the other? Partly. But it’s also due to unimaginitive coaching. It’s the same stuff. Even with a different coordinator, the offense is predictable, just in a different way than before. The defense is long in the tooth. Key players are slow. There is no hope for this season or even the next few. Getting better won’t happen overnight and will require consistently solid drafts. Ben Roethlisberger’s final few years will likely be wasted while the Steelers rebuild.

I hope Kevin Colbert and the scouts are up to the task.

Here’s to a great draft pick in 2014: Let’s lose ’em all, boys!

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