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Patriots: Addition by Subtraction

The Patriots are better off without Randy Moss. Did the Patriots’ offense get better when they traded Randy Moss? You bet it did. It was never more evident than in their game Sunday against their trade partner, the Minnesota Vikings.

Steelers vs Ravens Prediction

Boy, did I ever get it wrong last week.  Picked the game right, sure.  But I did not give Arians or Charlie Batch the credit they deserved.  Well done, gentlemen! And now to the Ravens.  We all know how this…

Steelers vs Buccaneers Prediction

Bucs coach Raheem Morris is paranoid.  He thinks Byron Leftwich knows enough from his season in hell Tampa to help the Steelers.  He said, “Byron knows us well. Byron may have a couple things up his sleeve that he knows…

Steelers vs Titans Prediction

This is a historically nasty matchup for the Steelers.  Don’t expect it to change this week.  But, since I’m feeling optimistic at the moment and given their almost certain overconfidence after whooping the Raiders I’d like to predict … um…

AFCN: Two-Team Division

Can you even begin to imagine the cancerous locker room situation in Bengalville? How will the mega egos of Ocho Cinco and TO ever manage to co-exist? Will there ever be enough footballs to go around? How can Carson Palmer ever hope to appease those two?