Steeler Musings

Like it says, musings about the Steelers

Five Reasons the Steelers Will Defeat the Seahawks

The Steelers won’t lay two goose eggs in a row.

Admittedly, the loss to Baltimore was a surprise, a real stunner. But the Steelers dropping two straight to begin the season would be like a bolt hurled by Zeus. It would defy belief, it’s nigh inconceivable. I’m not yet sold that the entire roster “just got old.”

Steelers @ Ravens Prediction

The Steelers are an underdog in this game? Really? Are you kidding me? What is Ray-Ray, a thousand years old? Ed Reed is using a walker, their wide outs are, uh, who?

Now that Ray Rice guy ain’t bad, at least Flacco will have somebody to throw to. The Ravens defense has lost another step and their offense will be as atrocious as ever.

The Steelers are a different story though.

Above the Dixon Line?

That’s where Charlie Batch will have to be to earn the backup quarterback position. The line is drawn at Dennis Dixon. Batch must outperform the younger, more athletic player to prolong his NFL career a few more weeks.

Why The Steelers Will Not Be On HBO’s Hard Knocks

There are two reasons the Steelers won’t be on Hard Knocks and probably never will. Primarily, it’s not the Steelers way, at least not the way of the modern-NFL-era Steelers. It doesn’t fit well with the tradition and old-school values the team seeks to embody. This is a team that built a new stadium in the north and left off the top – guaranteeing that they’d never host a Super Bowl. This is a team that continues to hold their training camp at Saint Vincent College in the small town of Latrobe. A team that shares their practice facilities and stadium with the local college team.