Steeler Musings

Like it says, musings about the Steelers

Let the (Pre) Season Begin!

It’s finally here, the first preseason game of the year. Those Red Birds from Arizona travel to Pittsburgh for a little backups-and-practice-fodder on backups-and-practice-fodder action. No holds barred and no camp body spared.

New Kids on the Block

Training camp is getting closer; can you feel it? It won’t be long thereafter that we’ll see some preseason games. Soon we’ll begin to see how the Steelers fared on draft day. Of course, the full result won’t be known for a few years, but an idea about potential can begin to form.

Tougher Than They Look?

Everyone remembers the schedule for last season. The toughest doled out in decades, some said. Fact is, it was the NFL’s toughest last season; opponents had a combined record of 153-103 (.598) with half the games against 2007 playoff teams and twelve against teams with .500 or better records the prior season. Yes, it was a real murderer’s row of thugs and low-lifes, plus several teams not named the Ravens.

Can a Weakness Become a Strength?

You can ask anyone. Go ahead, ask them. “What was the Steelers’ weakest area last season?” Or how about, “When push comes to shove, who was more likely to be on the ground?” You got it – the Pittsburgh offensive line.