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The Bengals are 6-2

Yes, you heard me. They’re 6-2 and looking every bit like a playoff-caliber team. Could they win the division? They control their own destiny with four games remaining against rivals Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

Andy “The Ginger QB” Dalton looks like a worthy second round pick this last draft. As does his favorite target, A.J. Green, their first round pick in ’10. Green is pulling down 5 receptions per game for an average of 15 yards.

AFCN: Two-Team Division

Can you even begin to imagine the cancerous locker room situation in Bengalville? How will the mega egos of Ocho Cinco and TO ever manage to co-exist? Will there ever be enough footballs to go around? How can Carson Palmer ever hope to appease those two?

Two in a Row is No Trend

For the second week in a row the Steelers’ defense dominated a game only to yield the game winning score with only seconds remaining. And, for the second week in a row, the offense looked productive in the first half only to sputter in the second.