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Overreact Much, Mr. Fan?

Yes. Yes I do. But not this week. The Steelers put a thumping on Tennessee, they of the Titanic whipping of the Ravens a mere three weeks ago. Those same Ravens who kicked the Steelers down the field, dragged them back up it and kicked them down again, for 60 straight minutes on opening day.

It’s been a season like that so far and the Steelers have gone from bad to not-so-bad to great to suck and now to mediocre-at-best-until-they-prove-otherwise-by-beating-the-Patriots.

The Steelers Are A Mediocre Team

It was easy enough to write off the opening week loss to the Ravens as an anomaly.

“It was their Super Bowl.”

“They’ve been hyped up for that since the schedule came out.”

“It’s only one game, just wait till next week!”