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Three Reasons the Steelers Will Defeat the Colts

The Steelers got back on track in their home opener, blanking the disastrous Seahawks. Meanwhile the AFC North featured the league’s desired parity when everyone finsished 1-1. Yes, that means the mighty Ravens were defeated by the Titans. Perhaps those dirty birds flew a little too high after their week 1 victory? Maybe they can’t get it up for any team not wearing the black and gold.

Big Bad Ben?

Am I a jaded sports fan? Perhaps. But if we stick to the facts we see two acts of possible assholery. Does anyone even wonder if there could be an NFL next season if Roger Goodell suspended all the assholes?

Harrison Remains a Steeler

A collective sigh of relief was heard across Steeler Nation earlier today as news of James Harrison’s contract extension spread. Sure, Harrison was still under contract for one more season, but now the drama of playing out his last year…

In the News, Friday the 13th

Victory Parade Banners Stolen Eleven Superbowl banners were nicked. Had to be an inside job, right? Wait a few days and check EBay, it’s almost a certainty. Double Superbowl Winner Andre Frazier Resigned He was a UDFA signing in 2005…

James Harrison’s Choice

James Harrison must ruminate his options. Harrison was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year for 2008. Can you name the last time a Steeler was honored so? Neither can I. It’s an achievement punctuated by his play in the…