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Overreact Much, Mr. Fan?

Yes. Yes I do. But not this week. The Steelers put a thumping on Tennessee, they of the Titanic whipping of the Ravens a mere three weeks ago. Those same Ravens who kicked the Steelers down the field, dragged them back up it and kicked them down again, for 60 straight minutes on opening day.

It’s been a season like that so far and the Steelers have gone from bad to not-so-bad to great to suck and now to mediocre-at-best-until-they-prove-otherwise-by-beating-the-Patriots.

Texans Game Tough to Predict

Before the season started this game was a no-brainer victory for the Steelers. Chalk it up, done deal. Now one can’t be so sure. First, the Texans look like they may have a contender. They had a lead on the road against a high scoring New Orleans Saints team but faltered down the stretch, allowing 23 points in the fourth quarter. And that’s been the knock against Houston for years, their defense is mediocre at best. For all their offensive firepower, they have yet to consistently win against good teams. And that’s the measuring stick, quality of wins.

The Steelers Are A Mediocre Team

It was easy enough to write off the opening week loss to the Ravens as an anomaly.

“It was their Super Bowl.”

“They’ve been hyped up for that since the schedule came out.”

“It’s only one game, just wait till next week!”


Three Reasons the Steelers Will Defeat the Colts

The Steelers got back on track in their home opener, blanking the disastrous Seahawks. Meanwhile the AFC North featured the league’s desired parity when everyone finsished 1-1. Yes, that means the mighty Ravens were defeated by the Titans. Perhaps those dirty birds flew a little too high after their week 1 victory? Maybe they can’t get it up for any team not wearing the black and gold.

Five Reasons the Steelers Will Defeat the Seahawks

The Steelers won’t lay two goose eggs in a row.

Admittedly, the loss to Baltimore was a surprise, a real stunner. But the Steelers dropping two straight to begin the season would be like a bolt hurled by Zeus. It would defy belief, it’s nigh inconceivable. I’m not yet sold that the entire roster “just got old.”

Steelers @ Ravens Prediction

The Steelers are an underdog in this game? Really? Are you kidding me? What is Ray-Ray, a thousand years old? Ed Reed is using a walker, their wide outs are, uh, who?

Now that Ray Rice guy ain’t bad, at least Flacco will have somebody to throw to. The Ravens defense has lost another step and their offense will be as atrocious as ever.

The Steelers are a different story though.