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It’s Ravens Week (Again)

I’ll be honest with you, my choice was to have the Colts beat the Jets and let the Ravens soften up the Patriots.  That was my “perfect world” scenario for the AFC Wildcard round.  After Saturday my revised idea was…

Divisional Round feat. Steelers Versus ?

Against the Colts the Steelers should be able to impose their will on both sides of the ball without revealing too much to the Patriots brain trust. Pass enough to keep that eighth man out of the box and run it down their undersized defense’s collective throats.

Steelers vs Ravens Prediction

Boy, did I ever get it wrong last week.  Picked the game right, sure.  But I did not give Arians or Charlie Batch the credit they deserved.  Well done, gentlemen! And now to the Ravens.  We all know how this…

Training Camp Starts on July 30th

I’m looking forward to this season. NFL pundits of all stripes are writing off the Steelers. Guess what, that’s how the boys in black and gold like it. And it’s how I like it! It gives me extra ammunition for a full season of blogging activities, that extra bit of self-righteous indignation, basically, a little extra inspiration. (“And you fools actually thought the Steelers couldn’t win with Leftwich? Ha!”)

Big Bad Ben?

Am I a jaded sports fan? Perhaps. But if we stick to the facts we see two acts of possible assholery. Does anyone even wonder if there could be an NFL next season if Roger Goodell suspended all the assholes?

What the Doctor Ordered

This isn’t about the team physician recommending that Ben Roethlisberger sit out the Ravens game; rather, it’s the next opponent on the schedule. And friend, the Oakland Raiders are just what the doctor ordered.