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Let the (Pre) Season Begin!

It’s finally here, the first preseason game of the year. Those Red Birds from Arizona travel to Pittsburgh for a little backups-and-practice-fodder on backups-and-practice-fodder action. No holds barred and no camp body spared.

New Look Steelers for 2009?

How much can change in one off season where the coaching staff remains the same, only a couple of players leave and only one low-tier free agent signs? Hopefully much because the status quo usually doesn’t get it done in the NFL.

Hines Ward is Anti Plax

Following the 2004 season (prior to Superbowl XL), Plaxico Burress was allowed to seek his fortunes in free agency. Rather than keep the field-stretching/bone-crunching combination of Burress opposite Hines Ward with the multi-tooled Antwaan Randle El in the slot, the…

In the News, Friday the 13th

Victory Parade Banners Stolen Eleven Superbowl banners were nicked. Had to be an inside job, right? Wait a few days and check EBay, it’s almost a certainty. Double Superbowl Winner Andre Frazier Resigned He was a UDFA signing in 2005…

Cowboy Cowher?

Things are getting smelly down in Cowboyville. Early picks to contend for a Superbowl title, the Dallas Cowboys have lost 3 of 4 with the most recent coming via a 34-14 whipping by the lowly St. Louis Rams. Owner Jerry…